Marshall Burford for Balkans?

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At 02:14 16/04/99 +0100, Jim Heartfield wrote:
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>>I am indeed on this planet, Doug.
>With all four feet planted firmly on the ground.
>Jim heartfield

But this suggestion above is strangely ineligant for Jim Heartfield.

He is not suggesting perhaps the feet are cloven?


Only if the beast were a biped?


Interesting anyway if Jim H is reduced to intellectual brawling.

The proposition under discussion was that western imperialism would consider a Marshall Aid plan for the Balkans.

This was greeted with ridicule by Gunder Frank and Doug Henwood.

but I held my ground, whether using two feet or four, and argued my case.

Not so silly after all.

Or is Jim, despite his English sounding name and English address, unable to handle a little irony? I have incurred other ridicule elsewhere for making it plain I think there is indeed a better use for Special Drawing Rights - for development aid for less developed regions to combat the uneven accumulation of capital, and for protecting the environment.

But a Marshall aid plan for the Balkans is even more likely this week. If Clinton gets gold sales approved for the IMF that body becomes so much freer from the Republican controlled Congress.

>(Yes Barkley I do think that it would be more moderate to use ground troops
>and to restrict the air campaign to Kosovo, and not to use US troops in the
>ground troops.)
>Clinton's speech justified my quotation from Lenin about the economic basis
>of this war. The strategy he espouses is indeed about the European Union
>taking over the whole of the Balkans, (South West Europe). He is still
>against Kosovan independence because he wants Kosovo integrated into a
>multi-ethnic Serbia, and a multi-ethnic Serbia integrated into the Balkans
>as part of the EU.
>In the course of the speech he sent the coded signals- the incorporation of
>multi-ethnic Balkan countries should be financed by the EU and
>"international financial institutions".
>What better use for Special Drawing Rights.
>I am indeed on this planet, Doug.

Chris Burford


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