What's the Alternative to NATO?

G*rd*n gcf at panix.com
Sun Apr 18 07:08:20 PDT 1999

Nathan Newman:
> ...
> If someone has a line of argument for how to move from defense of
> Milosevic's Yugoslavia to a global socialist system, I honestly would like
> to hear it. And to be honest, it is the failure of the anti-imperialist
> viewpoint to articulate such a positive vision that accounts for a large
> part of the defection of progressives in the case of Kosovo. If evil lies
> down every long-term path, than short-term opportunistic alliances, even
> with the bombers of NATO, look more attractive than an anti-imperial line
> promising no hope at all.

I think part of the problem here is that Left resistance to NATO imperialism is being misconstrued. At least, mine is. I have no interest in defending Milosevic's regime, which is (like Saddam Hussein's) another imperialism on a smaller scale. All three of them are part of the _same_ _general_ system_ whose intent was very well described by George Orwell at the end of _1984_ -- a boot crushing the human face, forever. It is not possible to "articulate a positive vision" for it; the most one can hope for is that those who win will be less virulent and less efficient than those they overcome.

This could be a reason for hoping for a NATO victory, I suppose, but it could not be a reason for putting forth propaganda in NATO's favor, such as a very long article I just read in a prestigious liberal publication which manages to talk about the Balkans for many, many column inches without mentioning active Western support for ethnic dismemberment, focusing almost entirely on atrocities committed by Serbs as if everyone else in the region is completely innocent of such things. I believe those who publish such materials and otherwise support NATO (or any other imperium) are simply making sure the same sort of events will occur in the future. They are not the Left -- the party of equality and freedom -- whatever they call themselves.

As the Left doesn't have power, it must rely on the truth; providing propaganda for one side or another is not the truth. "You are the salt of the earth; if the salt has lost its taste, what can it be salted with?"

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