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Yesterday I received 35 pages of receipts for ammunition, weapons and accessories purchased for CUNY Security from late 1995 to early 1998. The information was forwarded to me by the student editors of the "Hunter Envoy" who made a Freedom Of Information Law ("FOIL") request to obtain the material. The receipts appear to indicate that during a 20 month period from April 1996 through January 1998 CUNY Security purchased over 80,000 rounds of ammunition, including at least 4,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition. The receipts show purchases including 25 Glock automatic pistols, with 15 round magazines and six night sights as well as 400 units of pepper spray, 44 units of MACE.

Most disturbing, the purchases included 390 rounds of shotgun ammunition (110 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot, 130 rounds of 12 gauge slugs and 150 rounds of birdshot or skeet).

Who has the authority to authorize CUNY security to use buckshot? Under what circumstances will CUNY security fire shotguns?

This material should be presented to concerned elected officials before it is too late. Any suggestions?

I am indebted to Keith Higgenbotham and the other student journalists on the Hunter Envoy for uncovering this material.

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