New Issue of _Cultural Logic_ (Fall, 1998)

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Mon Apr 19 01:50:03 PDT 1999

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>Their Donald Morton, editor of The Material Queer, blurbed James
>Heartfield's recent pamphlet (Need & Desire in the Post-Material Economy),
>which makes me scratch my head a bit.

The Zavarzadeh/Ebert/Morton group might have a bad press with contributors here, but I found that their critique of post-modernism, (and especially their critique of the concept of the 'ludic' in post- modern theory) was a great help in my own work.

I'm happy to recommend 'Theory as Resistance' Zavarzadeh/Morton (Guilford Press). In retrospect, they kept their cool in taking on post- modern theory when a lot of people were trying to sit on the fence. Now more people are coming to see its flaws, the laurels are due to those that spoke out when it counted.

I think that Donald blurbed Need and Desire because I asked him to, and (I hope) because he liked it. -- Jim heartfield

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