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Mon Apr 19 01:56:57 PDT 1999

Angela, quoting Cynthia Cockburn, wrote:

>FOOTNOTE: Women in Black was started in Israel in 1988 by women protesting
>against Israel's Occupation of the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza. It was
>they who established the characteristic form of action, of mainly silent
>vigils, by women standing alone as women, wearing black, in public places,
>at regularly repeated times.

Could the Israeli Women in Black have been patterned after the South African women's group, "The Black Sash?" I think that organization was formed shortly after the election of the National Party regime in 1948. These women used to protest Apartheid usually by holding silent vigils while wearing black sashes over their dresses. Does anyone recall who started The Black Sash or how long the group lasted? I think it went on into the 1960s at least, maybe longer.

K. Mickey

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