Big Dick (was: Query on 'irrational' US foreign policy)

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Apr 19 11:23:01 PDT 1999


Come on . Your language is grossly male chauvinist.

Charles Brown

>>> "frances bolton" <fbolton at> 04/19/99 02:55PM >>>
Wojtek writes:

>But isn't Madaline Albright one of the main architects of the Kosovo
>adventure? She surely cannot hope to impress anyone with the size of her
>noexisting phallus. Or is she a special case of penis envy? Or Henry
>Kissinger cross-dressing? Or maybe the Tricky Dick's second incarnation?

Hey Wojtek--

Why is it that every time you write about Albright you have to make some comment about the fact that she's a woman? Seems to piss you off that she's not acting in a "traditionally feminine" way. Get over it. Women get to be assholes too. You're starting to sound like Lehman on the Jews. Unpretty, to say the least.


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