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S Pawlett epawlett at
Mon Apr 19 23:11:49 PDT 1999

Dennis R Redmond wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, kelley colleen wrote:
> > excuse me? i'm the *only* trained pastry chef and cook in general
> > on this list so uh move over Doug.
> So do you and Sam have any, um, pastry stories? Is it true that master
> chefs have late-night knife-throwing revels involving chihuahuas, low
> cholesterol solids and posters of Bruce Campbell?
> After all, the army of the proletariat marches on its stomach. As well
> as on its CD players. But that's another story...

I've got lots of stories but none are very interesting. Just the usual gross-out restaurant stories; someone ejaculating into wedding cake batter, pubic hair in the spanakopita, urinating in the fish stock etc etc. These are not urban legends, I've actually seen it. People who do this sort of thing are like the baker played by Lyle Lovett in L.A. Stories. There are betting ways at combating the haute bourgeoisie than putting pubics in their Beef Tartar. I once threw a live lobster at the wall. Surprising for someone who never makes mistakes:-)

Sam Pawlett

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