Frenchies and frogs

Rob Schaap rws at
Tue Apr 20 01:30:41 PDT 1999

That's made it clear enough, Jean-Christophe! I probably offend enough people by accident - no use doing it deliberately.

All the best, Rob.

>Rob Schaap wrote:
>> Er, why are we not allowed to refer to people we find attractive as
>> attractive? And why may I call you a Yank (as you have stoically allowed
>> many times) but a Frenchie not a Frog?
>> Does this stuff really offend you to 'fuck you' levels?
>refering to someone you find attractive as attractive in fine. And it is not
>insulting to the person you refer to.
>Although I don't have to read your posts, I feel offended to be called a frog
>(I know it is not personal though).
>Jean-Christophe Helary

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