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I have little time to type so I'll be brief. The situation in Kosovo is generally well known to people in Belgrade, except that I still think a lot more Albanians have been killed then reported. [...] The NATO hits in downtown Belgrade have been very precise, but that does not apply to most attacks outside the downtown. The Yugoslav Army is very mobile, especially nights and has suffered few causualties to bombardment except in the first two nights. Most of the troops hide in highly populated residential areas in schools, kindergardens, parks, etc. I have heard reports from Prishtina that policemen were entering Albanian houses and shooting at everthing that moves, during the "ethnic cleansing" of the city. Most of the common people in Belgrade are being highly hipocritical, considering NATO attacks on Yugoslavia a bad thing , while at the same time, calling the "enthnic cleansing" (combination of genocide and forced eviction of people from their homes) of Kosovo Albanians a normal reaction of "US" to "THEIR" attacks. The most surprising thing to me was that many if not most common people who've had OK beliefs in the past are now readily supporting "OUR" fight aganst "THEIR" attacks. Fortuinately, most of the previous Antiwar Campaign activists and other peace activists aren't doing the same, although they are not doing much else either. NATO has once again demonstrated it's alliance whith Milosevic in destroying all democratic forces in the region. Most peace and social activists in Belgrade live in constant fear of mobilisation. The Gov. media (all media here which have not been closed down yet) have provided no information about the mobilisation in Macedonia except from official Macedonian sources until the mobilisation boycot started to give effects (when reservists refused to go). The Yugoslav government is systematically covering up true NATO loses, vice-versa. I can't tell you where I got this information, but be sure that it is true. [...] The supposed "humanitary aid" from Russia actually consists of airplane-parts to be assembled here and ammo. I've also heard unconfirmed reports of a weapons deal whith Ukraine being planned. there is no more future in Yugoslavia for young people. Whatever happens next, I'm going to emmigrate and so will everyone whith a brain here. The only question is whether the cheap (economical slave) labour will be used solely by Milosevic and his Fascists or will he have to share them whith the Transnational Corporations. The future is grim for Yugoslavia... If any deserters need help I can arrange for their accomodation and food in Belgrade, but I can't do much else please, forward any links you may have for getting out of the country and where people could go. I already have some people who are hiding here and don't know where to go.

(contact available on request - we must know you personaly or through our regular contacts. it was not published for safety reasons. editor)

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