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-------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear comrade,

A 'No war but the class war' discussion group has been set up in London. These meetings include people from different political backgrounds, anarchist, Trotskyist, libertarian Marxist etc., who oppose NATO intervention but want to maintain a socialist or working class perspective.

Those on the left who have not gone along with Blair's 'humanitarian' war still often have illusions in either the UN, Serb nationalism or Kosovan nationalism. On the other hand simply calling for 'working class unity' is clearly insufficient at a time of so much suffering. There are no easy answers, but the attacks on Serbia and Iraq are paving the way for more wars in the 21st century. It is only through open-minded discussion that we can develop new ideas relevant for the present period.

The 'No war but the class war' discussion meetings will continue while the war continues, every Wednesday at 7.30pm, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1, Holborn tube e-mail: escape6 at hotmail.com to confirm this from May). All are welcome - except people who just want to come to push their party line (sorry, but this is necessary to keep the discussion comradely and constructive).

A discussion bulletin with a variety of views has been published available from Escape c/o PO Box 2474, London N8 OHW.

One of the articles on Yugoslavia: will be available on the net shortly at: http://www.hrc.wmin.ac.uk/guest/radical/YUGO.HTM. Critical letters, short articles and financial donations are very welcome for future editions of the bulletin - (cheques payable to 'Haringey Solidarity Group'). Send them to: escape6 at hotmail.com .

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