Nathan's gone

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Apr 20 10:14:22 PDT 1999

Dennis Breslin wrote:

>I hate to waste my first and maybe only posting for list-keep stuff,
>but given the name-calling and folks questioning one another's
>intelligence, morality, or god forbid lack of theoretical consistency,
>I'm still waiting for the discussions to advance to phase 2. Hmmm...
>Given the big dick thread, seems to me that despite all the erudition,
>some folks are suffering from a steep learning curve on how to

War is ugly shit. Given the stakes and the passions involved, I don't think the "name-calling" has really been out of line. This is life & death stuff we're talking about (not that we can have much effect on things, of course), not Lacanian theory.


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