The Bourgeois Right to Bear Arms

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Apr 21 05:23:43 PDT 1999

Chris Burford wrote:

>Or would this just be another liberal wank, Doug?

What do you think, Chris?

Personally I don't like guns, and I don't like the survivalist aspects of American culture associated with guns. But I've never been a big fan of liberal gun control mania either. You want the state to have a monopoly over arms? As perverse as it is, I always kind of enjoyed the Workers Vanguard analysis of the Waco massacre - that it was liberal gun mania run amok. Rather than contrive suits against "gun capital," I'd rather ask why the U.S. is so violent. Just why is it that two kids wanted to shoot up their suburban high school? Why is it ok to blow up people on prime time TV but not show bare genitals?


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