The Bourgeois Right to Bear Arms

Jordan Hayes jmhayes at
Wed Apr 21 07:46:54 PDT 1999

From dhenwood at Wed Apr 21 05:40:26 1999

I'd rather ask why the U.S. is so violent.

I should think that the root causes of violence in the US are wrapped up in the magnitude of class difference. Presumably this comes about as a desperate act in search of equalization.

Just why is it that two kids wanted to shoot up their suburban

high school?

Ah, totally different question! These kids were not "violent"; this act was not "violence" so much as it was an anomolous outburst of emotion mixed with a healthy dollop of insanity. Revenge can't be legislated away, especially since you're chasing a shadow. In the mean time, those who favor stricter "gun control" (note that in Colorado, it's already illegal to have a gun on school grounds, which means that if there was one chance of slowing these two boys down, it would have itself been an illegal act -- so much for "good gun laws" ...) *know this* so their true motives must be suspect.


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