Corporate Predators

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by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Wealth disparity, megamergers and the resulting consolidation of corporate power, commercialism run amok, rampant corporate crime, death without justice, pollution, cancer and an unrelenting attack on democracy. In a compilation of compelling snapshots from two of the leading reporters on corporate power, Corporate Predators documents the price we pay for living in a corporate-dominated society.

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"The incisive and sharply focused snapshots presented here give a telling portrait of some of the most dangerous forces undermining what is decent and hopeful in American and global society. A warning that should be taken very seriously." -- Noam Chomsky

"Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman are veteran trackers of the corporate beasts that pillage the globe. In Corporate Predators, they are on the tail of GM, Exxon, Philip Morris and other snakes, showing how they prey on workers, the environment and consumers." -- Jim Hightower

"Mokhiber and Weissman chronicle the immense power corporations have acquired for themselves and the effect they have on our health, economy, communities, environment and democracy. This book should serve as a call to action for us to reclaim our democracy from the corporate predators." -- Lois Gibbs

"Go forward readers who wish to be leaders in the advancement of justice -- what Daniel Webster once called 'the great work of men on Earth' -- and savor the writings that will motivate more and more women and men to band together in organizations that build a more just democracy." -- from the introduction by Ralph Nader

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