Buck Rogers and the 25th Century

Tom Lehman uswa12 at lorainccc.edu
Thu Apr 22 13:09:28 PDT 1999

When I was a kid I remember coming across an old book entitled Buck Rogers and the 25th Century. The story if I remember correctly was that Buck was a mining engineer and pilot who is trapped in a mine by a greedy mine owner to keep Buck from exposing the mine owners evil deeds. Anyway, Buck wakes up to find he has slept for 500 years and lives in a world dominated by the Han Air Lords who control the world by flying around in airships blowing things up...

I saw a UPI news bulletin that says Arkansas is now telling kids that you shouldn't commit violence on people who "dis" you...Arkansas is going to have a hard time outside of Arkansas and other throughly stupid states with his personal behavior problems now.

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