The Rambouillet agreement.

Michael Pollak mpollak at
Thu Apr 22 13:28:36 PDT 1999

There is an excellent analysis of the military aspects of the agreement at the Transnational Foundation site at There are also some very good points buried in the analysis of the civilian aspects of the agreement at pressinf/pf57.html And a previous press release called the Rambouillet Process makes a convincing case that, despite the universal spin that we were offering a peace plan and Milosevic was being unreasonable and refusing to negotiate, what was in fact happening was that we were offering a plan no man in his right mind would sign, and it was us who were refusing to negotiate. The whole process clearly meant to lead to bombing and could lead no place else. (By the way, this analysis was written back in March, before the bombing or the Erlanger article on the missed opportunity.)


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