Charles' knee-jerk demand for censorhip

Jim heartfield jim at
Thu Apr 22 14:43:43 PDT 1999

In message <s71df7ba.040 at>, Charles Brown <CharlesB at> writes

>>Outlaw the KKK and Nazis !

As usual Charles does not let the facts interfere with his belief in censorship. It emerges that the two killers were not Nazis or KKK members at all, but Goths. Their message of hate was not derived from the websites of the far right, but the heavy metal lyrics of Marilyn Manson, their inspiration was not fascism, but Natural Born Killers and the Basketball Diaries.

Let this be a lesson to all those who, in trying to make fascism into a taboo forget that alienated youths will naturally seek to break taboos: their affection for Hitler was not an attachment to the politics of the far-right, but a desire to offend the staid and stale shibboleths of their elders.

If Charles is to be consistent he should demand the banning of Oliver Stone's Film, Manson's records, and, above all, BLACK CLOTHES (Doug Henwood take note).

Now, while I could support such a ban on aesthetic grounds, I think a basic respect for civil liberties should suggest that the crime was shooting people, not the cranky cultural references that surrounded it. And since killing people is already a crime, no new law is required. -- Jim heartfield

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