race & murder

kirsten neilsen kirsten at infothecary.org
Thu Apr 22 15:14:52 PDT 1999

charles brown wrote:

"It is despicable how the media is downplaying the racism. We in the Black community, veteran scientists of the vast media phenomenon of covering up racism and constantly nurturing in the minds of the masses a sense that racism is not that big of a problem in U.S. society, read this as "white people, don't get to thinking that these kids' main problem and motive was racism. The main thing was they hated athletes". ....All the typically prevaricating news coverage is saturated with "damage control" to prevent people from connecting their horror at the crime to a horror at racism in general. "

-------- i agree that the media in general are complicit in covering up racism and nurturing in the minds of the masses a sense that racism is not a big problem.

racism *is* a huge probelm in the u.s. focusing on the littleton shooters' racism (it is quite possible that their "nazism" was embraced, at least in part, to upset people, e.g. the bowling example) as a motive for the shootings allows people to think that they themselves (average americans) are *not* racist because they don't wear nazi emblems, don't shout racial slurs, and, most important, don't mow down students at their high school. *that* is the "problem with overemphasizing race as a primary motive for their actions."


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