Youth violence

kayak3 kayak3 at
Fri Apr 23 10:12:14 PDT 1999

Doug Henwood wrote:
> Tavia wrote:
> >I'm also interested in what people think of Mike Males' writings on 'The
> >Scapegoat Generation' which argues that young people are an increasingly
> >demonized segment of society and are blamed for almost every social ill
> >(drugs, crime, welfare abuse) while at the same moment being one of the
> >most vulnerable and attacked segment in society.
> I think Males is absolutely right about the demonization of young people.
> But he's really nuts on the geezer issue - he returns the favor by
> demonizing Social Security recipients as hogging resources at the expense
> of kids. DuBoff & Herman sent me a paper they did recently showing that in
> his latest book Males seriously misquoted several LA Times stories to make
> his point. I'd give more details, but I can't find the damn thing right now.
> Doug

I was in disagreement with the greedy geezer stuff in the Scapegoat generation but I feel that Herman and DuBoff blew it out of proportion. The discussion of the elderly and social security was really a small part of the book. It's not worth trashing the rest of the book over it.

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