Please: Identify quoted posts was Re: a reading lesson: Marx in support of capitalist war

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sat Apr 24 11:18:02 PDT 1999

"christian a. gregory" wrote:

> > "The North came to the theatre of war reluctantly, sleepily, as was to be
> where in this quote does marx say anything in support of the war or the
> bourgeoisie?

Many on these lists must have to delete a lot of mail without reading the traffic is so heavy. I am retired and have more time than most, but having been ill the last two weeks more than equalized that. I have had to delete scores, perhaps hundreds of posts without reading in order to even come close to keeping up.

So it is immensely frustrating to read a post from a poster I respect, Christian

Gregory, and have it be a reply to a post whose author I can't remotely guess. As it turns out (after a lengthy search of the body of messages for a phrase), it's from Burford, and though I still find Christian's post of considerable value, I would not have worred about the person he was answering had I known from the beginning it was Burford. In other cases one really does matter and one wishes to look up the original.

So Please Please Please make it easy for readers to discover posts in their trash box by indicating the name of the poster you are responding to (if your e-mailer does not do so automatically, type it in).

I suspect I speak for others also.

Thank you


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