race & murder

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I agree with Rakesh's message (printed below) and Charles Brown's comments on the issue of race. All the victims could have been white, that is not what mattered. And it also doesn't matter that 'real' nazis would see the shooters as spoiled and inadequate. The shooting took place because the black trench coat gang BELIEVED that blacks are inferior to whites and saw nazism as a way of expressing that. It was the racist concepts which drove the action -- 'how dare those white jocks accept blacks before they accept us'. For instance, Colin Fergusson didn't shoot just white people on the Long Island Rail Road, he also shot blacks -- but his motivation was hate of whites. That makes it a racist issue. AND denying that it's a racist issue is wholeheartedly white, liberal americana. These kids are a product of a racist society--and their actions were driven by the world around them. maggie coleman mscoleman at aol.com In a message dated 99-04-25 15:02:01 EDT, Rakesh writes:

<< Either Klebold or Harris stalked the halls of that high school taunting

minorities who passed him by with the epithets N-word and Spic. That's

shock value to you; it's real racist abuse to those who suffered it, no

matter how anachronistic it may seem. His parents didn't stop him, the

principal didn't stop him. I was called into the principal's office for

wearing a budweiser cap that I found lying around and threatened with

suspension for encouraging alcohol abuse. These kids wore swastikas and

didn't face any discipline; their parents let them walk out the door

attired like that. This Denver suburb sounds like a stinking racist

cesspool. It allowed these kids to follow their sick twisted and racist

logic to its horrifying end without any real challenge to the ideas they

were openly and publically developing.

These rich, upper tracked kids were punks, convinced of their own genius

and special standing in society (no doubt reinforced by the 5 BMW's

Klebold's (?) parents owned); by the way, these kids did not simply

represent iconoclastic narcissism or (as I would put it) misanthropic

individualism but racist iconoclastic narcissism. Charles has only insisted

on the qualifier, not any reduction to race. I think he's right. And the

only thing that probably prevented their being beaten into a pulp by a few

of those 30 or so spics and n-words is the clear sense of the latter that

the administration or the police would throw behind the racist punks or

discipline them 'equally' despite Klebold and Harris already having


Think of the dilemmas of the minority parents: send your kid to a well

funded school in which there is some culture of scholastic achievement at

the expense of exposure to so called shock value epithets.

Yours, Rakesh

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