Marshall Aid for Balkans, Africa

Carl Remick cremick at
Mon Apr 26 09:29:10 PDT 1999

> Throughout the visit Mr Blair seemed to revel in a hardline stance
> reminiscent of Baroness Thatcher's appearances at
> international summits.

Yes, let's bring the war home. It's time for a Second American War of Independence from Britain. NB today's Slate:

"The main story in both the Telegraph and the Times of London was the new hawkishness of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. His statements in the United States that victory was the only acceptable 'exit strategy' from Yugoslavia are part of a new Anglo-American deal, the Telegraph claimed. Blair and President Clinton have 'forged a new strategic partnership in which Mr. Blair is the leading hawk and Mr. Clinton tacitly goes along with deeper involvement in the Balkans. ... While Mr. Blair tried to stiffen spines among the other 17 Nato leaders arriving for the Alliance's 50th birthday, Mr. Clinton made it clear that the world's sole superpower was underwriting the British-led escalation.'

"The Times' front-page headline was 'Hawk Blair stiffens US resolve.' It compared his behavior in the United States with 'Margaret Thatcher's spine-stiffening American visit before the Gulf War.'"

Carl Remick

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