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>CLEANBYRD at prodigy.net writes:
>> Has anyone seen the movie "Gummo".
>No, but you certainly sound like a real classist pig.
>Tupaat S.Kreemur

Dear Tupaat,

That wasn't a very nice thing to say. I live in a trailer park, and if someone was to see me driving around in my shabby 14 year old station wagon with my four often grimey children, they might choose to sterotype me as "white trash". I am a very poor working person, who tries to keep myself off public assistance to avoid discrimination from the rest of Dan Burton's sixth district. I have recently been able to return to school because I have been offered child care assistance. It took me three years of saving to buy my computer. I have delivered newspapers for over two years, and have worked in many restuarants.

I am new to marxism and highly intellectual discussions. Can you explain specifically what in the post led you to to come to the conclusion that I am a classist pig. I merely recorded some observations I have made about folks and the attitudes that are prevalent in my state. I have all the outer trappings of a degenerate and was at the end of a needle and a crack pipe for several years. What I was trying to bring about was a discussion on how poverty and ignorance might contribute to to the feelings of hopeless, boredom, drug abuse, and aggression. Also I was responding to Kelly's comments about how elites tend to describe "white trash" in detail and the implications behind that.

I think you should read Kelly's post, and my post, more carefully, before you attack with hostility someone you know absolutely nothing about.

Needless to say I am offended and full of resentment.

Peace, Jennifer Young

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