welfare coverage

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at jhu.edu
Tue Apr 27 08:55:23 PDT 1999

At 07:42 AM 4/27/99 -0700, Brad DeLong wrote:
>But Food Stamps, Medicaid, and the EITC still are entitlements--and they
>are big. It seems to me that it might also be somewhat naive to believe
>that welfare as we know it has been ended...
Au contraire, it expanded vastly and now includes executive salaries, bonuses, tax giveaways, buyouts, subsidies, golden parachutes etc. -- which are entitlements par excellence because they are given to the recipient regardless of their performance - vis a vis which food stamps are but a small beer.

So yeah, the welfare system in the US is alive and well, it just underwent *gentrification* lately.


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