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Mark Rickling rickling at netzero.net
Tue Apr 27 15:05:56 PDT 1999

Max Sawicky wrote:

>Opposition to FAP came much later (1972 I believe). FAP was a negative
>income tax with a guaranteed annual income proposed by Nixon, at the time
>supported in principle by Milton Friedman and liberals. Northern WRO
>chapters opposed FAP because, while it raised the national minimum benefit
>levels, it could have resulted in reduced benefits in the high-benefit
>states. In hindsight, this was probably a disastrous decision. A national
>system could have fortified a national movement to expand it.

Thank you for the information about the WRO. One of the primary reasons the NWRO opposed the FAP was that to receive the maximum benefit, women would have had to reside in a household with two adults. Without a male breadwinner, a family's benefits would be severely reduced. Given the violence level in the patriarchal family, the NWRO's opposition doesn't seem so disastrous.


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