Free market economists?

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Wed Apr 28 09:39:21 PDT 1999

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, S Pawlett wrote:

> Marta Russell wrote:
> > Another dumb request.
> > Can someone give me the names of a few free market economists aside from
> > Milton Friedman.
> There are different schools of laissez-faire economic philosophy; Austrian,
> Chicago and property rights. I would recommend _The Machinery of Freedom_
> by Milton's son David Friedman. _The Nature of the Firm_ and _The Problem
> of Social Costs_ (essays) by Ronald Coase. The Fable of the Bees by Bernard
> Mandeville. _The Socialist Calculation Debate_ by Don Lavoie. _Anarchy,
> State and Utopia_ by Robert Nozick, _Libertarianism_By John Hospers, _Human
> Action_ by Ludwig von Mises, _The Socialist System_ by Janos Kornai,
> _Property Rights_ by S. Pejovich,_The Other Path_ by Hernando de Soto, _For
> a New Liberty_ by Murray Rothbard and _The Selfish Gene_ by Richard Dawkins.
> Other well known economists are A.Alchian, H Demsetz, O.Williamson, J Viner,
> F Knight.....
> Socialist Critiques: _Anti-Libertarianism_ by Alan Haworth ,
> _Self-Ownership, Equality and Freedom_ by G.A. Cohen. _Apostles of Greed_ by
> Allan Engler, _Anti-Samuelson_ by Marc Linder, _ Against Capitalism_ by
> David Schweikart, _Conservatism_ by Ted Honderich,
> Sam

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