Rosser & Gobineau

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Rosser is right, Gobineau, not Gobelin. Such was my laziness that I didn't even verify with the desk encyclopedia to my left or the book of writings itself, 5 paces to my right. Ah well. A few sentences from the Petit Robert, as penance for my inaccuracy:

Gobineau, count Joseph Arthur (1816-1882). French diplomat and writer, he served in Persia, Greece, and Brazil, wrote a number of works....In the Pleiades...appear three people, in the midst of a heroic and sentimental idyll, of different nationality and character, who have in common the feeling of being superior, of being "sons of kings" and who display their nobility by the independence of their spirits. His views on human nature were developed in his Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races (1853-1855) where he tried to establish on a physical, realistic basis the supposed superiority of the nordic, germanic race. His doctrine was used by pangermanists and by Hitler's national socialism.

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