[Fwd: Littleton Killings]

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Apr 28 13:53:45 PDT 1999

S Pawlett wrote:

> The intensified competition and the fear of being a loser (which most
> are defined as such) leads to desparate acts. The intense copycat
> actions across the country suggest that the social processes at
> Columbine HS are general.

What? 250 million + with a highly individualized culture? You name it, it's bound to happen. My first and last responses to this episode is that there is nothing to explain. In between I did want to emphasize the way racism simply permeates everything Incidentally, Newsweek *did* use the cover blurb, WHY? It's essentially a silly question.

My question: why do we have to explain every contingent occurrence? As the slang goes, Shit happens. The more interesting question would be, Why doesn't it happen more often? All those millions of kids. It's weird the way so few of them blow their top. Ditto any other segment of the population you might name, including nursing home residents still partly mobile.


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