digloria at mindspring.com digloria at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 29 07:31:36 PDT 1999

charles writes

>Why don't you whistle her a few bars of Dixie ,
>while you are at it , Max. Y'all don't see no necessary
>connection to racism in it.

very nice. and this from someone who did rather enjoy the occassional flirtatious aside on the free sex thread--which dealt with sexism, something which i take really seriously too. but oh no, it's OK to use humor there. whatever.

i'll note YET again that i wrote many posts in which i talked about racism and the way i see the necessary connection, which is about scapegoating blacks, jews, latino/as as an acceptable "vocabulary of motives" in this country.

get off it charles. i don't agree with the nazi/kkk thing. i see the necessary racism as operating differently, as manifesting itself differently. but i don't dismiss it, i don't ignore it.


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