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S Pawlett epawlett at uniserve.com
Thu Apr 29 08:18:53 PDT 1999

> >>> S Pawlett <epawlett at uniserve.com> 04/28/99 01:27PM >
> Why are white male adolescents engaging in killing sprees? Besides the
> obvious access to guns and the wherewithal to carry them out, one thing
> that has not been commented on by PSN members, is that one underlying
> dynamic is a relative decline in white skin privilege and patriarchy.
> White males defined as losers, when by all accounts they belong to the
> dominant social categories are denied their birthrights. This would
> account for the racism and sexism of the killers. It also accounts for
> their desire to kill those who are "good" or who are successes. No
> longer can white males automatically derive status from their whiteness
> or maleness. They feel threatened by upwardly mobile minorities and
> striving women. They want to keep them in their place. Therefore, they
> become the targets of male hatred.

I did not write this and don't really agree with it. I forwarded it from the PSN list because I thought it was interesting and because Michael H excerpted parts of this fellows book a few days ago. Please be careful.

Sam Pawlett

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