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The following petition on education has been circulated in our community. Would its inception help or hinder? Is some of it useable? Please comment.



Change school system to eliminate school crimes and give U.S. children a proper education from the age of three to sixteen.

1. All children that are toilet trained by the age of three until they are sixteen will attend school.

2. All schools will be small to cover a given area and will be supported by the Federal Government not local tax dollars. No busing.

3. All children shall wear slacks and a PJ style coat with four pockets, two breast pockets and two lower pockets. The coal will be finger tip length. Each school will have a different color suit. Winter coats will be of the same color, shoes will be slip on black leather, all clothes will be supplied to the students free of charge and will be made of durable wash wear material.

4. Children 3 to 10 will be in a Co-Ed school, 11 to 16 will be in a separate school for each sex.

5. Retired men and women of good character and with the ability to supervise children with love will be employed to be class room monitors. One man and one woman will supervise the 3 to 10 year olds, the 11 to 16 year olds will be supervised by one person of the same sex.

6. Class room studies will consist of work books, no test books, the teachers will be of the highest caliber with the ability of a fine actor. All teachers will be on Video tapes which will be changed by the class supervisors. This will save millions in teacher salaries and insure that the students get the very best teaching available in the world. The work books will be in duplicate, one copy stays in the book after grading, the second copy will be sent home with the student each day for review and signature of a parent, then returned to the school to be placed in a computer file for that student.

7. From the very first day of school to the last children will take classes of all subjects in English and three Romance languages, plus German and Japanese. We must raise multi-lingual children not a bunch of dummies that constantly say "you know", "like I said" and "he goes" instead of "he said, and the word "guys", "gang" or any other slang will not be heard in any school.

8. There will be no football, basketball, baseball or any other competitive sports in any school. Every day in every class there will be fitness calisthenics for five minutes at the beginning of each class. Each class room will have a refrigerator to store lunches brought from home each day. If a child cannot afford to bring a lunch, the school will send an agent to the child's home to supply school lunch food to the family and if need be teach the parent how to prepare the child's lunch every day. Each class room will have restrooms, there will be no need for children to leave the class room all day.

9. School will be all year long with weeks off for holidays only. At 16, children will have a high school diploma and spend one year in public service as cadets in the safety forces or in other special educational work. At 17 they will have one year of military service, at which time they will obtain a driver's license, but will not be able to own a vehicle until the age of twenty one and must be able to pay cash for the vehicle and insurance.

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