il manifesto on the war and labour

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Apr 29 20:50:36 PDT 1999

J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. wrote:

> I guess I tend to side with Wojtek on this one.
>There are people in Washington and New York who
>sit up nights worrying about the euro. But that worry
>has subsided somewhat given its general decline
>since the beginning of the year. I just don't see the
>US as having instigated this war to "show the Europeans
>who's boss."
> Clearly the US is the military instigator
>and leader and everybody knew that and knows that.

Barkley, it's perfectly consistent to say that the Western Europeans have their own motives in this war - the desire to pacify their periphery, and secure its transformation into the Continent's on-board sweatshop - but they could never accomplish the task on their own. They needed Mad and Bill to help get their act together, who were only too happy to show them where initiative and power still lie. Even if they do lend Washington the money.


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