Three pre-occupation theses on Kosovo- evaulating the results

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>>One of my differences with the left opportunist line is over the role of
>>the state. For some it is enough to be a marxist to oppose everything that
>>your imperialist government may do. That is not the marxist theory of the
>>state. A ruling class cannot hold state power without at times having to
>>promote an agenda that appears to stand above classes, is ethical, and
>>legal. Thus the law becomes a semi-autonomous terrain of struggle. Why will
>>the US not sign up to the Rome Court on Crimes against Humanity??!!
>Well, Chris can sign up as apparatchik to Louise Arbour's Kangaroo court
>if he wants to, but he shouldn't be invoking Marx's name for this shabby
>reactionary tactic.

I am talking about the Rome Court, not the Hague Court. The political struggle is quite different.

This illustrates the abstract and left-idealist nature of Jim's cynical approach to politics.

Chris Burford


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