70s English Youth Culture and the Labour Party and the Unions

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Aug 1 11:52:41 PDT 1999

Alex LoCascio wrote:

>On Sun, 1 Aug 1999 13:16:42 -0400 Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com>
> >Yeah, though mainly from the anarchist left. What about the Mekons
> >and the Au Pairs?
>Never listened to either (Au Pairs stuff is damned hard to find on CD,
>and I don't have a turntable). Both bands were from the Leeds University
>scene that spawned Gang of Four though, and GOF even gives a shout out to
>the Mekons in the liner notes to Entertainment!, so I can' t imagine the
>politics being that different.

The Au Pairs are a bit preachy, and sound pretty dated now. But the Mekons are just wonderful - and funny too, which is pretty rare for the genre of politicized music.

> >was a lot of revulsion against the authoritarianism, moralism,
> >violence, and greed of Maggie & Ronnie.
>"Maggie yer a cunt." - The Exploited

Not an nonproblematic epithet. The Agitprop collection has a song by the Notsensibles called "(I'm in love with) Margaret Thatcher." I think it's ironic, but you never know.


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