Anti-imperialist Times

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 2 22:07:50 PDT 1999

I took some cheap shots at Jim and LM recently (maybe ken too). I've gone beserk on Jim twice, both times over the same issue: what seemed to me an undue fascination or perhaps empathy with the fascist sympathies of white youth. So I called him a Tony Robbins wannabe. Now over the years LM has cut into its opponents as girlie men, wimps, and cry babies. So some turnabout is fair play. On these lists you gotta be able to take if if you're going to disha it out. Believe I have taken some real shots to the gut on and off list for things I have said.

At any rate, I would like to say that Jim's, Frank Fueredi's and other LM writers are among the most stimulating I have come across. An excellent tonic at the very least.

As for the meaning of socialisation, perhaps we need to return to the debates between and positions of Otto Bauer, Karl Korsch, Otto Neurath, Max Adler and other Austro Marxists. Some sense of the debate be derived from discussion in Nancy Cartwright, et al's bio of Neurath and Patrick Goode's bio of Korsch.

yours, rakesh

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