Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Tue Aug 3 07:25:16 PDT 1999

God, the CPUSA's adoration of Democrats knows no bounds. The July 31 issue of People's Weekly World has a memorial to John-John by Jarvis Tyner. Some choice excerpts:

"The entire nation is truly in a state of mourning.... [W]hat is politically m ost important is that this tragedy has also brought forward the liberal legacy of the Kennedy family and the fact that John Jr in his own way [!] was a continuation of that legacy.... While he was born into great wealth, JFK Jr is perceived [!] by masses of working people as a having [sic] rejected th e life of a spoiled rich kid. He is seen, instead, as an influential figure who sincerely cared about the plight of those trapped in poverty and victimized by racism and discrimination. His father was a capitalist politician, yes, but he was murdered by government-connected, right-wing extremists because he was too liberal for some powerful ruling class circles.... The Republican tax cut con job has already been unleashed. The fascist danger continues...."

Inspiring stuff.


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