Patrick Ellis patricke at
Tue Aug 3 12:16:41 PDT 1999

Doug wrote:

>Ha. I love hearing stories like this. Can you pull a Windows PC out
>of a box and have it running on an Ethernet network inside 10 minutes?

Actually, yes. A pre-installed OS is a pre-installed OS, no matter what the brand. Plus I'll have a floppy drive, and network printer connections that work properly--unlike an iMac. I hate Wintel, but I hate Apples too and they're really not any easier to support than PCs these days. The worship of Apple is no longer based in a difference that matters, and it galls me to see anti-corporate folk going on about Apple as if it's somehow different than other companies. They think the same. Pretty plastics, though.

>Renewing my membership in the Steve Jobs fanclub,

I'll send my dues to the Linux fanclub instead--still a pain in the ass, but a better future than either Apple or Microsoft.

Michael: I'm sending you a document off-list that may resolve your problem.

Patrick, seconding Chuck's praise for

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