Rob Schaap rws at
Wed Aug 4 13:30:30 PDT 1999

G'day Alex,

I see, too, that women are borrowing more than ever before, and ABI stats indicate not only that more women (aggregate & proportion) are going bankrupt than ever before, but that women generally go for bankruptcy significantly later in the sad story than men do - I guess this means they're further down the toilet when they do, and have the potential to hit the creditors harder as a consequence.

I'm (obviously) no economist either, Alex, but my final indicator has just kicked in ... Even Doug the Painfully Cautious seems to be smelling something ...

Cheers, Rob.

>doesnt this imply what a lot of folks have been saying on this list...
>that this economy is fueled by debt and conspicuous consumption?
>also didnt doug post not too long ago saying that a increasing number of
>real estate transactions are supported by people cashing out of the market?
>looks to me like the stilts of this economy are eroding...but i'm not an
>economist so what do i know?

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