Elias.Karagiannis at spg.org Elias.Karagiannis at spg.org
Thu Aug 5 12:45:16 PDT 1999

"Excellencies, sirs, members and officials of Europe,

We have the honourable pleasure and great confidence to write you this letter to tell you of the objective of our voyage and of our suffering, we, the children of Africa. We appeal to your kindness and solidarity to come to the rescue of Africa. Help us, we are suffering enormously....help us... We have war, disease, not enough to eat.... There are schools, but a great lack of education, of teaching... We young Africans are asking you for a large and effective organization to bring about real progress in Africa. We are appealing to you for the love of your beautiful continent, for the feelings you have for your own people, your family and especially the affinity and love of your children. .. If you see that we have sacrificed ourselves and risked our lives, it is because we are suffering too much in Africa and that we need for you to fight against our poverty and the war in Africa."

This letter was found in the bodies of two young Guinean boys, stowaways who died on a Sabena Airlines jet apparently on their way to Europe. They intended to deliver it to the European leaders but they never had the chance. The letter appears in today's edition of the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, but it does not appear on its site.

I thought I should at least publicize their letter in their memory and in the memory of all those kids, Iraqis, Serbian, Albanians and all the kids in Africa and throughout the world that the new world order and their apologists are killing everyday.


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