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"Beauty as an Economic Variable: Impacts in the Labor Market and

on Goods and Services"


Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA)

Directory of Macroeconomic Policy and Studies


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Paper ID: Institute for Applied Economic Research Discussion

Paper No. 618

Date: January 1999


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Directory of Macroeconomic Policy and Studies


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Note: Downloadable paper is in Portuguese.


This study analyses the evolution of the workers' profile in

personal esthetics and hygiene in Brazil, during the 1985/95

period, taking as reference the results of some empirical

researches done during the previous decade in the US. Such

researches emphasize the influence of the "beauty" in the labor

market of this segment, transforming it in an important economic

variable, which was the main reason for the modernization of

this segment, with positive reflexes in the occupational


It can be argued that this movement, which led to the growth

of activities related to beauty, observed in the American

society at the end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's,

occurred in the last decade in Brazil. The result was the

sophistication and modernization of the related products and

services. However, since these services are highly personal,

such technological evolution did not reduce the employment,

instead, it doubled the people working in beauty activities and

improved its profile during the studied period.

JEL Classification: L8

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