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Fri Aug 6 08:16:12 PDT 1999

buoyz, here's my two senseless. this is how you deal with ken. you just rearrange his text and "discover" one of the things he might have otherwise said, what he really desired to say or just plain what you desire him to say. if there is one thing that deconstruction is good for, it's this. [not to say that this is what deconstruction is, but....]. like so:

"I think I can, I think I can..... know the Big One: I am important because I am just brain-in-a-vat being controlled by the bait. I am huge. I know I imagine it. But I am! Look! Look, I see myself and I don't like what I'm doing. my hand is getting rosier."

i heart ken.

don't get it ken doll. you take a basic human capacity--the capacity for self- reflection--and seem to suggest that this is the problem?

eh? we can't reflect on our participation on a list serve because we can't take on the position of observer, of observing ourself? don't get it. ya lost me.....

also, this:

>When you sit at the computer on email, aren't you
>we) "making" desire vitually transparent? You read a name,
>nd put a picture to the face, imagine someone elses place
>of dwelling...

well that's what you do. i rarely imagine someone's face as i'm typing to them unless something presses me to do so. and what does imagining a face have to do with desire anyway ken? how 'bout imagining their politics or their other theoretical positions? how 'bout imagining what makes them giggle or cry or get angry?

mourning. thoughts.


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