Brown Stuff

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Fri Aug 6 08:28:21 PDT 1999

Michael Perelman wrote:

>The key to modern farming is the squandering of
>resources -- pesticides that destroy resources, wasteful fuel consumption,
>destruction of the soil, pollution of all sorts.

Michael, when you & Lou Proyect say things like this, I wonder what you'd prefer.More stoop labor, less fuel consumption? De-mechanization and de-urbanization and 20% of the labor force employed in agriculture? 50%? A different kind of technology? Are all kinds of genetic engineering wrong? Even hybridization, which humans have been practicing for eons? How do we feed 6 billion people? Is 6 billion people too many? If so, how do we reduce their numbers? Lou gets huffy & refuses to answer these sorts of questions; I'd really like to hear them from you.


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