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Thu Aug 5 21:02:31 PDT 1999


This is going to be waay abstract.

I don't want to follow evolution as a telos and dead end with god or nothing. There are other ways of starting so that you don't end anywhere near a beginning or end. I also don't want to plunge into interiority and end within the inexplicable sensation and arrousal of body. But I agree that one is somehow the mirror image of the other--not as a concrete reality, but as a mythological mirror, based on the association that the hole in my understanding of my own consciousness is the reciprocal to the absence of my knowledge about the world. But to meditate on that reciprocity is to remain within the phenomenology of mind, and I am tired of that too.

What I am interested in is understanding the world and its processes, such as both physical and biological evolution, that at the same time does not end in either of the above mentioned dead ends. And there is a way. It requires that you suspend your belief that there must be an explanation to the hole of consciousness, and suspend your conviction that evolution must always have a beginning and end--the comingling of telos with a sequencial linearity.

Chuck Grimes

Gotta go to work, more later.

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