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Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Fri Aug 6 10:05:35 PDT 1999

Nathan Newman wrote:

>I am generally not a luddite on farming issues, but Michael is just
>emphasizing that it is not greater "productivity" by the individual farmer
>but many other inputs (with their own labor and economic costs that should
>be measured in lost GNP- ie. lost producity) which account for more food per

Why should that be lost GDP? What loss is involved in purchasing inputs? Is it a loss when I buy paper for my fax machine? Electricity for the computer?

I want to hear more detail about alternative food production systems, what kind of institutions and resources would be involved, and what kind of productivity we could expect.

>As for the tradeoff between labor and fuel consumption, I would look at the
>issue globally versus the depopulation of our farm states. Wouldn't it be
>better to allow many third world subsistence farmers to immigrate to the US
>to perform labor-intensive work here, if they can indeed be more productive
>with improved technology that is less fuel-intensive?

Why can't they get that technology at home?


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