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Peter Kilander peterk at
Fri Aug 6 13:35:14 PDT 1999

I was planning on posting this, too. But Doug, the pictures are essential: I especially like the one of the dog speaking to the armed, crazed man, "You're broke. Kill. Kill. Kill."

It's not surprising Suck is milking the "trader rage" phenomenon. Here is yesterday's if you missed it:

What does it mean when one's hobbies include reading Suck at work, participating on the LBO list, and reveling in schadenfreude?

Could outbreaks of "trader rage" be signs of a "topping-off"?


>[Today's Suck.]
>Trade Rage
>America's latest mass murderer Mark O. Barton was a day trader, and
>the only question is: What took so long? Everybody knows that
>testosterone-addled, foul-mouthed, money-blind stock speculators are
>ticking bombs.
>Weirdly, the only news outlet to unashamedly trumpet the day-trading
>angle was Rupert Murdoch's New York Post, where Barton is known as
>the "<> Trader." Elsewhere,
>the proximate cause of Barton's spree was quickly smoothed over.
>Harvey Houtkin, chairman and chief executive officer of All- Tech
>Investment Group, where Barton traded,

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