Nietzsche and stuff

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Sat Aug 7 17:26:15 PDT 1999

> Miles Jackson wrote:

> >The more I read Fred, the more I question the
> >originality of most of the recent pomo literature (e.g.,
> >Zizek, Butler).

doug wrote:

> But you're reading him backwards, through them.


remind me of when either butler or zizek claimed their stuff was original. and, more specifically, i think you couldn't actually have read much zizek, since he consistently declaims against 'postmodernism'. but doug's point still stands: you can't read nietzsche now without bouncing his work through (what perhaps is still a fantastic) reading of butler and zizek, or some imagined 'postmodernism'. in any case, zizek is not a nihilist -- far from it.

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