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Mon Aug 9 08:22:48 PDT 1999

Elena, what's going on in Bulgaria?

we read there was a strong opposition to the NATO war on Yugoslavia, but it did not seem to be able to influence the government even after some NATO bombs exploded in Bulgaria (& even then the bg government went on to block airspace to the russians when they made their dash to the pristina airport). what is the shape of the socialist opposition? the only stories in the official westpress for years now hint at upcoming splits between what they call 'hardliners' (usually seems to mean anyone unwilling to suck us/banker ass) and 'reformers' (usually seems to mean some intellectuals ready to see all the old and weak starve provided they themselves get some dollars & take cool vacations). how about the environmentalists, who at first anyway were talking socialism - did they end up pimping for soros? & what the hell is going on with the chernobyl-design nuclear plants? what if anything have the socialists learned from the destruction by currency crisis of their last government by the bankers/us intelligence? are there contacts with the really existing marxist left in euroland (i.e. refondazione, the PDS, the three greek parties of the anti-maastricht anti-nato left that together won a third of the seats in the euro parliament elections)? could (via elections) the socialists soon come to power again in Bulgaria? what difference might it make?

john mage

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