Seth Ackerman SAckerman at
Mon Aug 9 15:08:47 PDT 1999

Dennis Redmond wrote:

> Somewhat on the mark, but too simple. The greatest works of the
> counter-culture -- McGoohan's epochal "The Prisoner", Hendrix' magnificent
> trilogy, Bill Burroughs' novelic trilogy in the early Sixties, etc. etc.
> continue to serve as powerful sources of resistance. This has nothing to
> do with the counter-cultural style of beads, slang, amplified guitars,
> etc.; you have to get into the bedrock of the material, note by note,
> line by line, and ferret out the historical antagonisms in the thing (map
> out the field and habitus, as Bourdieu would put it).

But nowadays Burroughs is used to sell Nikes (or Apple computers or both, I'm not sure.) How adversarial can Burroughs' work be today if hip consumers can think they're channeling his power by buying running shoes?


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