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>>> Rakesh Bhandari <bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU> 08/03/99
Darwin was quite capable of the rankest prejudices, but this does not mean that he did not set in course the greatest break in humanity's conception of itself (as Ernst Mayr puts it in *One Long Argument*; for Darwin's painful break from natural theology see Dov Ospovat) as well as the effective dissolution of philosophy as a metaphysic of stasis (or so John Dewey boldly argued as do Lewontin and Levins in their brilliant analysis of evolution and ideology in *The Dialectical Biologist*). (((((((((((((

Charles: This "effective dissolution of the philosophy of metaphysic as stasis" or dialectics had already been accomplished by Hegel, Marx and Engels. Darwin wasn't fully conscious of the philosophical aspect.

Charles Brown

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