Annoying Hideous Shit-Fuck Microsoft Talking Paperclip.

kelley kcwalker at
Tue Aug 10 13:21:43 PDT 1999

it must be the month for microsoftie to fuck wit' folks. i'm having all sorts of problems too, including a major fuser crash and many many more problems since the crash b/c reinstalling microsoftie isn't so fun what with all them thar drivers and upgrades and bugs. i discovered star office somethingerother on the web though. freeware, not shareware. i don't know much about it since i can't download -- my isp is thoroughly fucked as well. if anyone knows anything about staroffice i'd be interested. the point, though, is that there are alternatives such as freewar and shareware that's pretty reasonable. [btw, that dang www.anoyances site chuck recommended was no help.... boo hoo] oh and excuse my language but the entire structure of the 'fuser world is going to feel and hear my wrath in about 35 minutes if i have my way....

here's the link and below's a description:

sorry for overposting dougie but thought this plea warranted a response, particularly since i can only imagine that there must be more folks in same boat

StarOffice 5.1 Personal Edition for Windows

Star Division presents the StarOffice 5.1 Personal Edition for Windows 95/98/NT. The new

license model makes StarOffice 5.1 available for free for non-commercial use. The offer

addresses to all individuals, private persons and students and is exclusively restricted to

non-commercial use.

What is StarOffice 5.1?

StarOffice 5.1 is a fully-integrated and Microsoft Office-compatible suite of productivity

applications. It provides powerful Web enabled word processing, spreadsheet, presentation

graphics, email, news, charting and graphics applications. StarOffice runs native on the

Windows 95/98/NT Operating Environment and is also available for other operating

systems. Users can access existing Microsoft Office files and data to create spreadsheets,

presentations and documents and save all data in Microsoft formats or as HTML files to

post on the Web or Newsgroup servers. Detailed information about StarOffice 5.1 can be

found in this section using the left hand navigation panel.

How Can I Get the StarOffice 5.1 Personal Edition for Windows?

The StarOffice 5.1 Personal Edition for Microsoft Windows is provided as:

The StarOffice 5.1 Personal Edition for Windows

This version is available free of charge via download. Please read the license

agreement carefully. If you agree to it, continue with the free online registration. Go on

to the StarOffice 5.1 Personal Edition Download (62 Mbyte - available in english,

german, french, italian, spanish, dutch, portuguese and swedish).

The StarOffice 5.1 Personal Edition Deluxe for Windows

The Personal Edition Deluxe provides a StarOffice 5.1 Installation CD, a printed

Installation manual and a printed User's Guide for StarOffice. Additionally more

templates, cliparts and fonts are included in this package. Moreover, the Personal

Edition Deluxe comprises a 30-day free installation support.

The StarOffice Personal Edition Deluxe can be directly obtained online for $ 39.95

(plus shipping and handling cost) or from Star Division Corporation using the following


Star Division Corporation

Sales Division

6515 Dumbarton Circle

Fremont, CA 94555 - USA

Telephone: (510) 505 - 1470

Fax: (510) 505 - 1475

German customers please use the following address:

Star Division GmbH

Sales Division

Sachsenfeld 4

D-20097 Hamburg


Telephone: +49 - (0)40 - 23 646 600

Fax: +49 - (0)40 - 23 646 650

At 03:43 PM 8/10/1999 -0400, Greg Nowell wrote:
>Does anyone know how to get rid of the hideous helping
>Paperclip that shows up in Microsoft's Word and Excel
>products (MS Office 97), when you use the help menu.
>Yes, I know the obvious thing is not to use MS
>products, but that course costs money. If anyone knows
>how to turn it off from inside, I'd be obliged. -gn.
>Gregory P. Nowell
>Associate Professor
>Department of Political Science, Milne 100
>State University of New York
>135 Western Ave.
>Albany, New York 12222
>Fax 518-442-5298

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